About the Zombie Edit

The Zombie is currently the only Monster in Colony Survival.

It resembles a Chinese zombie dressed in official garments from the Qing Dynasty.

The zombie spawns at night and slowly lumbers towards your flag, eating all of the colonists in its way.

The amount of zombies depends on the amount of Colonists.

Getting hit by a zombie will damage 25% of your health, which can be recovered by eating bread (25%) or berries (6%).

If the zombie reaches your flag, it will continuously hit the flag, with a random chance to kill a fellow colonist with every hit.

Zombies spawn with three amounts of health: shirtless grey-skinned zombies have 100HP, green-shirted grey-skinned zombies have 300 HP, while shirtless brown-skinned zombies have 500 HP. Additionally, each zombie will have one of three different speeds. As the size of a colony increases, an increasing proportion of zombies will have higher HP and higher speed.